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제품 설명

제품 설명

Crushing plant
Product Description
Chinese Best Stone Crushing Line/Rock Crushing Line:
Stone Crusher Plant (ballast crushing process or sand-stone production line) mainly consists of jaw crusher (rough), impact crusher (fine), vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen), and belt conveyor and so on.
In accordance with different process requirements, it can make the best use of equipments to select suitable equipments allocation.
Rock Stone Crushing Line introduction:
Firstly, the raw materials are initially crushed by rough crusher (i. e. Rough jaw crusher); Then the roughly crushed materials are transported into the fine crusher (i. e. Fine impact crusher) for further crushing; The fine crushed materials get into vibrating screen to be divided into three types: Carpolite, stone, and block; Then the bigger ones go back to impact crusher again.
Stone Crusher Plant advantage:
The production line is characterized by high automation degree, low cost, big crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, and easy maintenance, etc. The finished products, i. e. Machine-made sand, conform to the national construction sand standards, and possess the features of even granularity, excellent shape, and reasonable grain distribution.
Rock Crushing Plant Rock Crushing Plant Rock Crushing Plant

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