Yima Clothing Accessories Company
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Yima Clothing Accessories Company

We are YiMa clothing accessories company, located in DaLian China.

We provides high quality clothing accessories TOTAL SOLUTION. We are glad to provide ONE-STOP shop of clothing accessories service.

Our products include basic/commonly used clothing accessories: Hang tag, woven label, printing label, care label, sticker, leather label, fake leather label, rubber, organza bag, hanging tablets etc.

If there has no products which you are looking for, please tell us, we will try our best to find the source of goods, get maximum achieve the one-stop shopping for you, save time, energy and material resources.

We have more than 10 years experience to service several international companies, and we always focus on the latest products and tendency of clothing accessories, has advantage on clothing accessories manufacturing and trade, provide integrated service from product design, sample production to batch production for you.

We are like to provide large quantities of production in one single batch, and also wellcome small quantities of production in multiple batches with various of styles. Seriously we ensure the product quality of and delivery date.

Buy from us, risk free, feel relax, feel happy, feel great...

Choice us

1\One-stop shopping

We provide the whole set of production and purchase of clothing accessories, get achieve the one-stop shopping for you, effectively reducing procurement costs, save time and energy.

2\Rich experience

Our products sold all over the world, we are several international clients nominated accessories suppliers for decades. We can well communicate with international client, base on clients' demands, keep good relationship with clients and factory.

3\High responsibility

HIGH QUALITY HIGH EFFICIENCY is our purpose, guarantee the production and delivery on time, timely deal with the problems in the cooperation.

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등록 년 : 2015
Yima Clothing Accessories Company
Liaoning , China
년에 회원 가입 후 : 2015
* 사업 유형 : 무역 회사

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