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High Quality Arhat Tea Cup for Salw

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US $ 110.00  / 상품
MOQ: 1 상품
지불: T / T, PayPal, Western Union

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기본 정보
  • 자료 : 세라믹 및 도자기
  • 조각 : ≤ 5 PCS
제품 설명

Porcelain Tea cup is utensil to hold tea water. The water came from the teapot, poured into the cup, after the guests taste the tea. Tea cup has two sizes: Small tea cup is mainly used to taste Oolong tea, also called sample tea cup, match with fragrance-smelling cup to use; Large tea cup is utensil to used to brew and hold tea, mainly for upmarket famous tea tasting.

The the whole porcess of the China teapot from mining soil, filter mud, casting, hand drawing ornamentation, sculpture to firing are handmade, The whoel body is decorated with hand drawn blue and white grape. The ornamentaion of grape is with auspicious meaning. Grape have many seeds, as well as fertility, household exuberant.

Yide Ceramic for the fine craftsmanship of the folk craft master, there are quality assurance for the Ceramic products. Customization is welcome.

Yide Ceramic Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Henan , China
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