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Egg Tray Machine

수율: 2000PCS/H

제품 설명

  • Production Capacity: 2000PCS/H
제품 설명

Huanke core product is the egg tray molds and egg tray equipment. More than ten years, our company has been committed to research and manufacturing of such products.
According to production capacity, the egg tray equipment are divided into Octahedron rotating equipment production line (3 * 8 / 4 * 8), mechanical production line, flip-type production line.
Flip-type production line is the most popular one; It features fast speed, high efficiency, none-overflow of pulp, even thickness of finished products as well as easy mould changing and maintenance. This machine can be equipped with different moulds to produce different products, especially is suitable for producing egg tray and other kinds of trays. The production capacity is 1000PCS/h
Octahedron rotating equipment production line also has advantages of fast speed and high efficiency. 3*8, the production capacity can reach 2000PCS/h.
4*8, the production capacity can reach 3000PCS/h.
The production line consists of Pulp making system, pulp molding system, drying system, electrical cabinets, and hot press.
Huanke company supply egg tray machine, egg tray mold, pulp molding equipment and products, egg tray machine, pulp equipment, paper pulp, fruit tray mold; Bottle prop mold; Tableware mold; Industrial packaging mold, the user can create professional development to meet customer needs.

Xi'an Huanke Mold Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
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