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Bimetal Thermostat (Ts05)

모델 번호: Ts05

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: Ts05
제품 설명

1. Smallest size bimetal thermostat, 2mm thick only
2. Designed for battery protection
3. Accurate trip off temperature

TS05 series bimetal thermostat has a very small size, accurate temperature and long endurance. The main applications are batteries and battery assembly. The seamless drawn case can contact with batteries firmly and sense temperature precisely.

* Special Features:
Insulation case, small size and easy for fixing
Action accurately and no flash over
Double protection of current and temperature;
Temperature is preset before releasing.
Terminals can be Nickel strip or leadwire.

* Electrical Ratings:
10A / 12V DC
5A / 24V DC
6A / 120V AC
3A / 250V AC

* Temperature Ratings:
Temperature range: 30C~150C
Tolerance: ± 2C, ± 3C, ± 5C

* Applications:
Battery, battery packs, LED circuit

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