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Peak season lead time: one month
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Europe, Southeast Asia/ Mideast, Africa

고능률 150W 단청 태양 전지판, Ttn-K10A PWM 태양 책임 관제사, 릴레이 컨트롤 자동 전압 스태빌라이저 PC - TFR 모델 고품질 전압 안정기, 전압 조정기, avr 중국 제조업체 / 공급 업체.

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Audited Supplier
 MPPT Charge Regulator for Solar to Inverter Battery 48volt

MPPT Charge Regulator for Solar to Inverter Battery 48volt

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200 상품 US $ 105  / 상품
지불: T / T
수율: 20000pieces Per Month
꾸러미: Standard Export Packing

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모델 번호.
MPPT charge Regulator
태양 광 시스템 컨트롤러 , 충전기 컨트롤러
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Standard Export Packing
CE ISO: 9001
Zhejiang China
20000pieces Per Month

제품 설명

This e-SMART MPPT (maximum Power Point Tracking) solar charge controller is A
smart solar controller with automatic recognition function, smart charging AND
discharging function and three stages charging function to protect battery.
IT can increase 30%~60% efficiency than traditional PWM controller. IT supports
many kinds of batteries.IT also have RS232 communication function.

L Features:
1. MPPT charging mode and peak efficiency up to 99% and saving 30%~60% solar panel than traditional PWM controller.
2. DC12V/24V/48V battery system automatic recognition and users can use IT in different system conveniently.
3. Maximum PV input voltage up to DC100V.
4. Three stages charge: fast charge (MPPT) and constant voltage charge and floating charge, IT can protect batteries well.
5. Three option of discharge: on mode AND off mode AND PV voltage (solar) control mode.
6. Users can choose 4 kinds of commonly standard batteries (Sealed lead acid, Vented, Gel and NiCd). Other kinds of batteries can be defined by users.
7. Digital tube can display battery voltage AND charging current. The software can display various parameters such As model number and PV input voltage, battery type, battery voltage, charging current, charging power and working condition.
8. RS232 communication and we can offer communication protocol also and it's convenient for user's integration management.
9. This controller can be paralleled infinitely.
10. CE AND RoHS Certifications are approved. We can help clients to approve other certifications.
11. 2 years warranty; 3~10 years extended technical service.

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