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7/16의 " 20 Inch Pounds (TLF20)에 F Connectors Torque Wrench Angled Full Head Set (TLF20/30/40)

FOB 가격 참조:
US $ 10.00  / 상품
MOQ: 100 상품
지불: LC, T / T, Western Union
포트: Ningbo, China
수율: 5000/Month

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: TLF20/30/40/45
  • 유형 : 오픈 스패너
  • 자료 : 탄소 강철
  • 표준 : 미국의 유형
  • 표면 처리 : 전기 영동
  • 특징 : 안티 폭발
  • 작업 모드 : 매뉴얼
  • 접이식 : 전개
  • 색상 처리 : 다채로운
  • 응용 프로그램 나이 : 성인
  • Trademark: OEM
  • Packing: Plastic Box, Carton
  • Standard: ISO9002, GS, CE
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 82041200
  • Production Capacity: 5000/Month
제품 설명

Item: TLF.
7/16" F connectors Torque wrench CATV Satellite tool
Torque Wrench Angled Full Head 7/16" Set at 20/30/40/45 inch Pounds.
Available sets: 20inch pounds (2.26N. M)
30 inch pounds(3.39N. M)
40 inch pounds (4.52N. M)
Designed for "F" Connectors, these wrenches help prevent over tightening. An audible click tells you the connection has been properly achieved.

These wrenches all have angle heads, sized for 7/16" F connectors and are designed with an ergonomic cushioned handle for user comfort and protection. The last two digits of the part number indicate the inch pounds of torque (either 20 or 30 inch pounds) and the first four letters indicate whether the head is a speed head or a full head (TWAF is full and TWAS is speed). Note that these wrenches work in tightening mode only. Torque wrenches are 6 1/2" long.

Full Head - is a full size open end wrench that behaves like a traditional open end wrench.

Speed Head - is designed to act like a ratcheting wrench. The tool skips over the corners of the bolt or nut being turned so no repositioning of the tool is required (allowing continuous turning).

Part No.DescriptionTorque
in Inch-Pounds
in Newton Meters
TLAFTorque Wrench Full Head202.26
TLASTorque Wrench Speed Head20 or 252.26
TLAFTorque Wrench Full Head303.39
TLASTorque Wrench Speed Head303.39
TLAFTorque Wrench Full Head404.52

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