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전기 소형 버스, 닫히는 단단한 문과 더불어, 14의 시트, 세륨 증명서, 새로운 조건 공장 공급 중국 공급자 별 골프 카트, 골프 카트, 아주 새로운 Eg2028k 전기 의 2개의 시트 승인되는 세륨 고품질 골프 카트, 유틸리티 차량, 전기 사냥 buggies 중국 제조업체 / 공급 업체.

Diamond Member 이후 2006
Audited Supplier
 Platform, Eg6043kr-01를 가진 EEC Approved Vehicle

Platform, Eg6043kr-01를 가진 EEC Approved Vehicle

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MOQ / FOB 가격 참조
1 상품 US $ 5000.0-10000.0  / 상품
지불: LC, T / T
포트: Shanghai, China
수율: 2500 Units Each Month

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기본 정보

모델 번호.
버그 / 골프 카트
전원 연료
최대 속도
> 30kmh
등판 능력
20 ~ 30 %
관광 지역
배터리의 전압


Assembly or CKD
2500 Units Each Month

제품 설명

Street legal electric cart, with rear cargo box
Model: EG6043KR-01
Street legal electric cart, 4 seats with aluminum box, with low speed of 40km/h, range of 80kms, curtis controller, 3.8KW motor, 8 pcs 185Ah T105 batteries

System48V/4KW Sepex
Key Components
Battery8xT105(185Ah@5hr rate)
Motor3.8KW Chinese motor
ControllerCurtis 1244 (400A@2minutes)
Passenger capacity2
Range (loaded) based on flat road at a speed of 20km/h (km)*>80
Max. speed @10.25:1 gear ratio40
Minimum turning radius (m)4
Max. climbing ability (loaded)   @ 10.25:1 gear ratio20%
Max. movement after brake at speed of 20k/h≤4m
Max. loading weight320kgs
Net weight431kgs
Overall dimensions (mm)2970x1500x1800
Rear cargo box dimensions(mm)810x1040x250
Min. ground clearance (mm)155
Wheelbase (mm)2080
Front wheel tread (mm)1210
Rear wheel tread (mm)1160
Detailed Configurations: ("S" stands for Standard configuration and "O" stands for Optional configuration)
Body and Frame
FrameWelded steel framework with sand blasting+paint treatment
RoofFibreglass+steel frame
WindshieldLaminated glass, with E-mark
3point seat belt4pcs, with E-mark
Large Seats:
     1) backrest and cushionSponge + artificial leather
     2) armrestSoft expanded plastic
Hand holder for front passenger1pc hand holder fixed under the roof
Hand holder for rear passenger2pcs, fixed in the back of front backrest
Rear storage boxFibreglass
FloorBamboo + artificial leather
Inner rear view mirrorOne piece per cart in the middle of the windshield
Side rear view mirrorTwo pieces per cart (with E-mark)
Battery watering system,48V systemwithout water supply tool
Manual Pumpwater supply tool (other water supply tools are available)
Rear cargo boxSTS frame + aluminum
Rain coverPVC
Electric system
Lighting system and horn(all lights and horn with E-mark)2 headlights, 2 front turn signals, 2 rear turn signals and 2 rear brake lights, with DC-DC converter (converting from 48V to 12V), horn.
Dashboardforward/reverse switch, headlight indicator, turn signal indicator, ignition key, voltameter, ammeter, emergency switch; turn signal switch, headlight switch, windscreen wiper switch, horn button; Storage for miscellaneous items
CD player\
Reversing alarm\
Switch assemblyLights switch, horn switch, wiper switch
Wiper with water spray12V
ChargerChina origin, input 110V-240V~50Hz-60Hz, output 48V, 25A
Steering and Suspension
Steering systemSingle-stage rack and pinion steering system, automatic rocker compensating function
Lock for steering system\
Brake systemFour wheel hydraulic drum brake+foot parking brake
AcceleratorStepless speed change
Front suspensionIndependent suspension, helix spring + shock absorber
Rear suspensionrear plate spring + shock absorber
Driving modeRear axle two stage deceleration, motor direct driving
Rear axleIntegrated, Gear ratio10.25:1
Wheel & Tyre225/55b12 10PR tire(with E-mark), 12X7 aluminum wheel


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