Guangdong, China
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ISO 9001

48V 6000W 에어 컨디셔너를 위한 순수한 사인 파동 태양 변환장치, 수도 펌프를 위한 격자 변환장치 떨어져 24V/48V 3000W, 24V/2000W 변환장치 (포좌 유형) 고품질 태양 광 발전 시스템, 태양 광 발전 은행, 태양 광 조명 중국 제조업체 / 공급 업체.

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 5kw Solar Power Air Conditioner

5kw Solar Power Air Conditioner

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10 세트 US $500  / 세트
지불: T / T, PayPal, 소액 결제, Western Union
수율: 5, 000/Month
꾸러미: Carton

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5, 000/Month

제품 설명

5kw Solar Power Air Conditioner1000W complete off-grid Home solar power system
Complete system, output AC power
Electrical parts are with CE approved
Plug and play, simply to use
1) Can provide electricity for6-8h/days
2) Can guarantee that two consecutive rainy days of normal power supply.
3) Solar modules for peak power: 1000 Wp.
4) The output voltage to: 220 VAC +3% (Or 115VAC +3%)
5) Max Peak Power in one days (6-8 Hours) 6000-8000W
6) The maximum power load for the system: 1000W. (suggest value)
7) Protection: Battery Charger Protection, Battery Low Voltage Protection, Overload Protection
Short Circuit Protection, Thermal Protection, Fault Indication Function

General Features of controller:
1) Digital DSP Control
2) Assembled by IPM of Mitsubishi made in Japan
3) MPPT control, duly track of maximum power output of PV module
4) pure sine wave output, auto in-phase grid-connected, fewer harmonic wave, no disturbance or impact on grid
5) Disturbance detection for Anti-islanding protection
6) Perfect function of protection and alarm
7) RS485/RS232\Ethernet\GPRS communication Interface, realizing long-distance
Data-collection and monitoring
8) The LED, LCD display function
5kw Solar Power Air Conditioner

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