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Silver-Palladium Conductive Paste

FOB 가격 참조:
US $ 2,000.00  / 상자
지불: LC, T / T, D / P
수율: 50, 000 PCS/Year.

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 분류 : 금속
  • 외관 : 액체
  • 원자 번호 : 원자 싱글
  • Production Capacity: 50, 000 PCS/Year.
제품 설명

Product range:Silver-palladium conductive paste
Solid content:75~85%

Palladium content The palladium content ranges from 0.5 to 30% according to actual production needs, so as to achieve the performance requirements of the different electrodes.
Please contact the Sales personnel to select your requirements.
We would like to help you choose the most economical and Suitable products for your needs in accordance with the appropriate principle.
If any special requirements demanded, We can customize these products according to your request.

Degree of fineness <8 micron
(if any special requirements demanded, we can offer the fineness less than 3 micron )
Viscosity 200~500Pa. S, Brookfield, Sct-14, 10Rev/min.
The value is for reference only, Given the parameters have an important influence on the usage, Please contact us so that we can debug to the most suitable for your use of the viscosity according to the actual conditions)

(Please consult and obtain in formations about different sintering curve in different sintering ways as well as the best sintering temperature, and so on. )
Period of validity 12 months within its production.
Please keep the storage temperature at 5-10degrees.
Diluents ST-1001

적용 가능한 메시 스테인리스 또는 Nylon 메시
180-350 메시,  
(얇은 선의 해결책을%s 특별한 필요조건이 있고, 또는 질문이 대략 있는 경우에는  
얇은 선의 해결책은, 저희에게 연락한다)  
조건 송풍 굽기, Drying 상자, 120-150degrees 의 10-20 min
소결 상태 대기의 상태 하에서, Ordinary 소결 로 (Resistance 로, Muffle - 로), Tunnel 로
Shenzhen Selectech Electronics Co., Ltd.
Guangdong , China
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