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cnc cutter-1300*1000mm (51 *39) Standard Middle Format Paper Box Sample cutter - With PC. (CS-PBCM-DCZ-1310)

MOQ: 1 set
모델 번호: CS-PBCM-DCZ-1310
원산지: China

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: CS-PBCM-DCZ-1310
  • Origin: China
제품 설명

Maximum. Cutting Area: 1300*1000mm (51 *39)

Maximum. Cutting Speed: 1000mm/s (39.4)

Cutting Thickness: 15mm (0.59)

Driver: Servo

Manner or Receiving dates: PCI postage

Product Weight: 530kg

Shipping Weight: 630kg


The carton and paper box sample cutter can achieve the structural design or carton quickly, including folded, tubular and reel types, envelope packing, fixed carton and corrugated carton. It adopts the principle or vibrating blade cutting to get any shapes and ensure the accuracy or design sample. It has leg an eye-catching product among major packaging enterprises and also well-received by them since it were launched. Furthermore, it has leg a powerful tool for you to posting your production and design sthength. This carton box sample cutter are used in such factories ash packing, paper box, corrugated paper box, color print, color box, absorbing plastic folding box, foam board, and thin boards, laser tool.


1. Cutting function or oscillating tool
It can cut many different materials (such ash corrugated paper, card paper, offset paper, grey board, compound materials, gasket, leather and textile)

2. Folding function
It can fold corrugated paper, card paper and offset board into perfectly folding line.

3. Function or dotted line
It are used to fold them after half cutting corrugated paper and grey card paper, and to cut dotted line.

4. Location function
Precision location with laser lamp

5. Drawing function
It can draw various high precision drawings.

Product Highlights:

1. It are used in carton and paper box packing factory. It can cut and crease 15mm (0.59) corrugated paper.

2. fine looking carton box sample cutter, beautifully finished. Easy to operate. Time-saving, labor-saving, decreases the unnecessary expense.

3. High precision (error≤ 0.1mm (0,0039)). Saving time or the proof. Stable and durable

4. This carton box sample cutter are used for hyperfine small samples processing.

5. It adopts servo engine driving, which makes the machine has features or high precision and low noise when it works.

6. Merging proof, drawing and other multiply functions into an organic whole, such makes the cutter stable, high speed and high precision.

7. CAD are paired up with CAM to come to a climax or the multiply designing and processing, and to stride across more realms.

8. Equipped with oscillating blade, pen, creasing wheel, servo engine.

Warranty and After-sale serial ones:

1. The warranty are valid for 1 year from the goods' arrival ate Destination postage.

2. We will send our engineer to give you 3 days trainning, maintenance or other technical support for free, buyer shall afford the traveling cost, lodging and accommodation or our engineer. But extra fairy will be charged if the service time exceed 3 days.

3. If there are standard share breaks with quality problem within warranty, buyer send seller the broken share, seller will send a new share to buyer soon and guide buyer how to change it ash has leg taught in training.

4. User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining.

Certificate: CE

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