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출력 전력 Wdm/에르븀에 의하여 진한 액체로 처리되는 광섬유 증폭기를 가진 1550nm Pon EDFA ..., CATV 1310nm 섬유 광학 전송기 Ortel 4MW-31MW, Wdm 16*22dB를 가진 EDFA 1550nm 고품질 광 송신기, 1550 의 EDFA, 광학 노드 중국 제조업체 / 공급 업체.

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제품 설명

UVDH-M-03 IP multiplexer is developed with independent intellectual property rights embedded digital image communication products, is an advanced digital broadcast television system with IP input, TS stream re-multiplexing, scrambling, IP output devices, based on PID packet switching technology, can multiplexing, scrambling the multi-channel digital TS stream input signals, analyzing the input MPTS, and added to the output stream EPG (Electronic Program Guide), CA (Conditional Access) and a data broadcast information. It can automatically generate SI / PSI information, with the program (Service) and PID filtering and re-multiplexing capabilities, in order to achieve EPG and data broadcasting value-added services. Each module SFP / GE ports supports 256 different IP address and port number input. Output can be set to 16/32 channel multiplexing, scrambling multi-program (MPTS) program transport stream UDP packets, and provide IP source to each sub-headend. Output can also be set to output 256 single program (SPTS) IP transport stream packet (total rate ≤800Mbps), and provide IP source to IPTV system. It can meet the need of different digital TV headend system.

Digital Headend IP Multiplexer


*Support unicast or multicast, support IGMP v2\v3 protocol;

*Support high speed IP data receiving, GE port transfer bit rate up to 800Mbps;

*Support 1-4 ASI BNC interface input (can set input interface quantity), or 1-4 ASI BNC interface output (can set output interface quantity)*Support MPEG-2/MPEG-4 re- multiplexing, SPTS(single program stream) or MPTS (multi-programs stream);

*IP input, RJ45 port or SFP interface, GE port support 256 IP input, SPTS (single program stream) or MPTS (multi programs stream)

*Support PID pass through, re-mapping, each multiplexing channel can re-mapping 256 PID;

*Support 4 CAS simulcrypt, support DVB common scrambling system (ETR289), simulcrypt standard ETSI 101 197 and ETSI 103 197; 

*Support IP output optional 256 signal program (SPTS) streaming IP package (total bit rate≤800Mbps) or 16/32 channels multiplexing or scrambling TS stream IP package,

*Support IP output empty package filtering function; 

*With large cache design, IP data interface supports burst and uniform input stream, and the implementation of a uniform code for the stream reforming, improving the efficiency of the output stream; 

*Support PCR auto-correction function; 

*Module design, 1U case support 2 modules set; 

*Support Web management; 

*Dual power supply (optional);

Technical Specification:

Input              (each modules set)

Network interface

1 RJ45 electrical port or 1 SFP optical port


ASI (BNC) interface

4(can set to "IN"or "OUT"),                           input each channel≤155Mbps


Logic interface

Support 512 logic port


Support input PID quantity

Each logic port support 128 PID


Support protocol

UDP unicast, multicast; ARP; IGMP v2/v3 protocol


Network jitter

 Within 300ms


 Input IP stream



Output              (each modules set)

Network interface

1 RJ45 electrical port or 1 SFP optical port


ASI (BNC) interface

4(can set to "IN"or "OUT"),                           input each channel≤100Mbps


Multiplexing function

Each module support 16-32 channel QAM Cross-multiplexed output or 256 IP (SPTS single program stream, total bit rate≤800Mbps)


Support output PID quantity

Support 1024 PID


Network jitter

Within 200ms


Output IP stream



Other function

PCR correction, SI insert, PID re-mapping


4 CA information insert

Support ECM,EMM insert


Scrambling PID quantity

Support 1024 PID real-time scrambling

Network management

Network management protocol

Support based WEB network management 

Power supply

Input voltage range

AC 100V±10%, AC 220V±10%,


Output voltage range



Power consumption



Working temperature



Storing temperature



Working humidity


Physical Characteristics

Size (W x H x D)

483mm x 44mm x 450mm




Digital Headend IP Multiplexer

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