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기술 천문학의 95%

제품 설명

제품 설명

1.Chemical Name: Dimethyl-hydro-2-(1, 3-monosodium disolfonat thiopropyl) ammonium.Monohydrate

2.Chemica Formula: C5H14NO7S4Na

3.Physical and Chemical Properties Appearance:
White needle Melting point: 142-143℃(decomposition)
Solvability(g/1,20℃):water 500, methanol 20,acetone 2.5×10-4
Stability: It is stable under less than 50℃ closed storage condition .
This product deliquesces easily, dissolves readily in water, is solube in methanol, ethanol,dimethy formamide, dimethyl sulsoxide, is insolube in tetrachorocarbon, benzene, eth acetate.

4. Product Specifications:
Monomehypo content%≥ 95.0%
Sodium chloride content%≤ 30%
Sodium thiosulfate content%≤ 1.0%
Scope of PH value 4.0-5.5
Heat reduction%≤ 1.0

5.Uses: Monomehypo is nereistoxn pesticide, especially effective against Chilo suppressalis walker and Tryporyza incertulas walker.It can also control pests in soybeam, organge wheat, suarcane etc.

6.Packing:Iron drum or carton drum with two plastic sacks liner, Net Wt. 50kg

1) It has poison on sikworn, poultry, therefore leaves of mulberry can not be polhuted in the applying;
2) It delquesces easily and cakes, but this doesn't influence its efficcies. So it should be stored in cool and dry place;
3) If poisoning has taken place, stomach should be washed up at once to spit, Stropinum is used to detoxify and poisoner is sent to the hospital to give timely treatment.

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