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보세품 나일론 실

세관코드: 55081000
등록상표: GOOD

제품 설명

  • Trademark: GOOD
  • HS Code: 55081000
제품 설명

Bonded nylon thread
Made from high tenacity nylon continuous filament yarn, is bonded by the resin and finished by special heat-setting, it has better tenacity and stretch than unbonded nylon thread, harder than interlink bonded thread which gives you a special sewing style, this is the highest quality sewing thread used in heavy duty applications such as:
Automobile upholstery, luggage, furniture, tents, leather products, athletic equipment, awnings, saddlery, tarps, wallets, harnesses handbags, restraint systems, shoes, canvas products
This heavy grade sewing thread is commonly used on all kinds of walking foot machinery.
Nylon continuous filament thread has a wide variety of uses including canvas, leather products or automotive applications. #69 nylon has superior strength, stretch and recovery properties and excellent resistance to chemicals, bacteria, mildew, wear and abrasion. Bonded #69 nylon stands up to the weather and will provide many years of service.
Currently, we can supply you the following specifications: , #46, #69, #92, #138, #207, #277, cone size are 125g/cone and 250g/cone are our regular packing.

Yuyao Thread Manufacture Factory
Zhejiang , China
년에 회원 가입 후 : 2004
* 사업 유형 : 결합 제조 업체/공장

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