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Drill snappish for Oil Drilling/forty-five Cone bit

FOB 가격 참조:
US $ 500,00  / 상품
MOQ: 1 상품
지불: LC, T / T
수율: 50000PCS/Year
꾸러미: Free Fumigation Wooden Cases

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: all size
  • Trademark: Longxin
  • Packing: Free Fumigation Wooden Cases
  • Standard: 437/517/537, etc
  • Origin: Hebei
  • Production Capacity: 50000PCS/Year
제품 설명

Main structure features
1. With advanced scooter structure or the cone, equal worn or the compact in permanent contact area and alternative contact area or the bit are realized.
2. In response to the fact that compact in different areas on the cone property different cutting actions, conical compact are set in permanent contact area and wedge compact are set in alternative contact area so that the drilling efficiency are greatly improved.
3. Wear resistance or the cutting structure are enhanced by setting PDC cutters in the permanent contact area or the cone where compact are most severely worn.
4. Carbide compact are equipped on cone top surface to protect cone base material from erosion.
5. Bit cutting structure is designed, verified and simulated by using advanced forty-five cone bit kinematics computation software and bottom-hole trajectory simulation software so that coverage coefficient or the bit on bottom-hole are increased.
6. Optimized hydraulics structure improves the cleaning ability and increases ROP.
7. Small angled lower watercourse design increases head OD thickness and can effectively prevent watercourse erosion.
8. The bit has excellently gage protection and up reaming abilities by setting active cutting conical spherical gage compact on gage path or the head.

Product predominance: It can be used widely, not only for side alignment, but also for deep hole drilling. Its working torque are lower than that or PDC bit under the same WOB and formation conditions, thread expanding problem normally encountered with small size drilling tools can be reduced and consequently, the down hole accident is avoided. By combining advantages or both tri-cone and PDC snappish and eliminating deficiencies or the both, the forty-five cone bit is more suitable for drilling formations with both high strength and plasticity than tri-cone bit, and more suitable for drilling tough formations with hard stringers and other complicated formations than PDC bit. The bit can measure requirements or high speed and other special drilling applications when used in combination with down hole engine drilling tools. Its advantages are simple structure, large bearing clearance, high reliability, and bit size easy to be designed narrower. Service life or the bit is extended due to the utilization or PDC cutters.

Available sizes and types or YC serials forty-five cone snappish: YC437, YC517, YC537, ETC.

Hejian Longxin Petroleum Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd.
Hebei , China
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