Kube China Solutions
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Kube China Solutions

We focus on European market both for retails and promotion. Nokia, O2, Nivea are just a few examples of the brands we have worked with, we are the importer for Ireland market.


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주요 제품

회사 이름 : Kube China Solutions
회사 주소 : Luohu, Shenzhen
주 : Guangdong
국가 / 지역 : China
전화 번호 : 86-755-82206808
팩스 번호 : 86-755-82206807
담당자 : Patience
쇼룸 : https://kr.made-in-china.com/co_kubechinasolutions/
Kube China Solutions
Guangdong , China
년에 회원 가입 후 : 2008
* 사업 유형 : 무역 회사