Dalian Rongke Chemicals Co., Ltd

중국아세톤, 이소프로판올, LDPE 제조 / 공급 업체.

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Dalian Rongke Chemicals Co., Ltd

Rongke Chemicals Co., Ltd. Was established as a combination with manufacturing, customs synthesis and international trading in the field of Pharmaceutical and Natural products in China from 1996.<br/>Rongke Chemicals Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical Department have factory in JiangSu Province, we own pilot-scale workshop and commercial manufacturing site with the GMP approval for APIs and intermediates.<br/>While the extraction plant located in DongBei, there we have herb material planting ...


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주요 제품

회사 이름 : Dalian Rongke Chemicals Co., Ltd
회사 주소 : Dalian, Tianjin, China
주 : Tianjin
국가 / 지역 : China
전화 번호 : 86-22-83282396
담당자 : Shmily
위치 : Sales Representative
담당부서 : Sales Department
쇼룸 : https://kr.made-in-china.com/co_kally678/
Dalian Rongke Chemicals Co., Ltd
Tianjin , China
년에 회원 가입 후 : 2012
* 사업 유형 : 결합 제조 업체/공장