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Touch Screen를 가진 2016 신식 Drink Vending Machine

FOB 가격 참조:
US $ 3 500,00- 4 800,00  / 상품
지불: LC, T / T
수율: 5000/Year
꾸러미: Wooden Box

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 유형 : 음식과 음료
  • 환경 조건 : 실내
  • 지불 : 동전
  • 충전 시스템 : 동전과 참고
  • 기능 : 냉각
  • 터치 스크린 : 터치 스크린
  • 전원 오프 보호 : 전원 오프 보호
  • 확장 된 네트워킹 : 지원 확장 네트워킹
  • 변화 : 작은 변화
  • 조건 : 새로운
  • 사용자 지정 : 사용자 지정
  • Trademark: Joyi
  • Packing: Wooden Box
  • Standard: ce sgs
  • Origin: Guangzhou China
  • HS Code: 8476210000
  • Production Capacity: 5000/Year
제품 설명

Product Description

>> Largest variety of selection in the industry
>> Functions switchable between cooling and heating
>> Touch to make muti-product purchases on Dual-LED screen
>> Online remote monitoring and management system
>> Fun to buy with promotion gaming and ads modules
>> Custom graphics options to add your company logo and        design
>> Energy saving with efficient refrigeration and LED lighting
>> Reliable, long-lasting solutions with future-ready technology
>> All new integrated pay options including bills, coins, credit cards and pre-paid card
Spiral Configuration Options:

Applicable Locations:
Library, schools, hotels, hospital, brand store pop, airports, metro-stations, chain stores, shopping malls and amusement parks.

Packaging & Shipping

  Our Machine is packed with Poly wooden and Carton, Shipped by Yuan Yang CO. LTD

Our Services
  We value every opportunity while you communicate with us, more appreciated every
time cooperation, we are not the best but we will be better and better, our commission
is: create better product, better quality, more competitive price, better service, better
after-sales. We are eager to make you more profitable Vending Machine city.
More attractive models,just send inquiry and contact us!More new types with video link on
youtube,please contact us,
you will get professional suggestions no matter whether we can cooperate or not.
We are glad to offer advices for you.
Thanks for your time and clicking our products!
Joyi Intelligent Technology Limited welcome! we want you!!!

Company Information


We are a high technology company, professional for commercial game software and intelligent vending machine system, which is located in Huachuang Animation&Cartoon Park, Panyu, GZ,China
  Owned professional R&D team, based on developing original game We are Aiming at Asia market. After founding in 2009,according the market we released over forty outstanding game products successively with propriety intellectual property rights.Especially the famous brand "Magic Finger" series in animation lines gained the Chinese ministry of culture's marketing permission, which is also the top-selling product in Southeast Asia.
  As its core philosophy "Innovation change lives" said, Zhouyi Technology is always leading the industry on creativity and innovation. At the beginning of 2012, Zhouyi Technology Launched the new generation of vending machine with intelligence and convenience that combines traditional retail industry and internet industry. The all-new intelligent vending machine has much more advantages than the traditional ones!
  The appearance of ZHOUYI intelligent vending machine heralds a new intelligent era at retails sale in China .It is a revolution in quality and retailing !
  With "Working hard to make the best products" this design philosophy that we always sticks to. We dedicate ourselves on innovation and creation, and we are committed to provide reliable products.

Q1: What is the life time of Joyi's vending machines?
A: Minimum 10 years, and you can expect more than 20 years.
Q2: What is the brand and life time of the compressor used in Joyi's refregerated vending machine?
A: We use Donper compressor by default, which is the largest and best manufacture of compressors in China. The life time is 8 years by average, and it much depends on operating environment. 
Q3: What is the life time of cash payment system (coin changer & bill acceptor)?
A: We adopt ITL bill acceptors by default, which are made in UK and with the service life up to 5 years by average. For coin changer, we use Joyi's KCM-D by default, which is made by ourself and with the theoretical number of use up to 80000 times.
Q4: What's your guarantee term?
A: We provide 12-month guarantee on our products, however it's limited to free parts supply, as we can't provide on-site service out of China mainland.
Q5: Can I get parts supply from Joyi?
A: Firstly, when you buy machines in full container from Joyi, some free spare parts will come together with the machines. Secondly, you can always get parts from us with very reasonable prices, and normally the shipment will be effected by courier service within 10 days after receiving your order confirmation.
Q6: Are the machines difficult to maintain?
A: It's not difficult at all, and you even don't need to be a technical guy. Our machines have the intelligent self-diagnosing and self-correcting functions, so you will easily locate and fix the problem when there is a trouble on. For example, when a tray motor gets jammed, an error prompt will be shown on LCD screen, then you just need to access machine settings and try to get the motor rotate for a circle by running "motor testing", and if the motor is not broken inside, it will automatically got back to its initial position and sort the jam out.


Joyi International Group Limited
Guangdong , China
년에 회원 가입 후 : 2014
* 사업 유형 : 결합 제조 업체/공장, 무역 회사

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