Jingdong Rubber Co., Ltd.

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피복 삽입 고무 장

수율: 4000 Ton / Month
꾸러미: poly bag package or wooden case
원산지: China
등록상표: jingdong

제품 설명

  • Trademark: jingdong
  • Packing: poly bag package or wooden case
  • Origin: China
  • Production Capacity: 4000 Ton / Month
제품 설명

Cloth Insertion rubber sheetTypical Values Tensile: 3.5 MpaElongation: 280%Hardness: 65 Shore A Specific Gravity: 1.4~1.6Product RangeColour: Black Thickness: 2~50mmLength: 10m or 15mWidth: 500~1600mmPattern: Smooth both sides Detail Information: This family of cloth insertion rubber sheets maintains the propertiesOf our SBR with the added benefit of woven cloth insertion for added punctureresistance, stability and tear strength. Cloth layers can be inserted every1.6mm of thickness to suit your application.