Great Metal Stamping Co., Ltd.

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Stamping Gear (8)

모델 번호: 8

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  • 모델 번호: 8
제품 설명

Material: 8.0mm HRS; Usage: Fine blanking as gear;

We are a professional manufacturer of various of the metal stamping components with their welding. We have 15 years experience on manufacturing metal stamping, not only supply metal stamping to the domenstic factories, but aslo supply them aboard. About half of our products are exported aboard, mainly to the Canada, USA, Germany, Israel, UK, France.

Great Metal Stamping Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang , China
년에 회원 가입 후 : 2005
* 사업 유형 : 결합 제조 업체/공장, 무역 회사

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