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도로 경주 기관자전차 떨어져 450cc 중국어, 전기 스쿠터를 공유하는 Segway Ninebot 25km/H Xiaomi M365 기동성 Foldable ..., 2017 최신 판매 판매를 위한 싼 4kw 전기 골프 카트 고품질 전기 스쿠터, 전기 자전거, 모터사이클 중국 제조업체 / 공급 업체.

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 복구 트럭 차량, 비상사태 차량 트럭, 구조 차량 트럭

복구 트럭 차량, 비상사태 차량 트럭, 구조 차량 트럭

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MOQ: 1 상품
지불: T / T
수율: 300 PCS/Year
꾸러미: Special Package

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Special Package
300 PCS/Year

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Manufacturer and export of recovery truck, recovery vehicle, emergency vehicle, recovery truck vehicle, lighting rescue truck, rescue vehicle, rescue truck, heavy rescue trucks sale, fire rescue trucks, fire truck rescue vehicle, emergency rescue truck, fire rescue truck, rescue fire truck, fire rescue vehicle, emergency rescue vehicle, emergency command vehicle, vehicle emergency ambulance, emergency service vehicle, light rescue vehicle, Rescue fire vehicle.

The multifunctional emergency vehicle MEV09 is a new type of tracked civilian vehicle for goods and passenger transportation, which is developed by Lannmarker and his partner with military technique on tracked armored vehicle according to the demand of customers and markets. The vehicle features: Powerful Deutz air-cooling engine with Germany technique, drive and hydraulic operation system equipped with light tank, and flexible suspension system. It also features easy operation and good vibratory absorbing ability, which greatly ensures the safe and comfort of passengers. The vehicle can be loaded with 3-ton materials and equipments (800kg for the top). It can travel and work under tough natural conditions, such as typhoon, ice snow, ice rain, storm, flood, extreme cold, sand and dirt storm; And dangerous work conditions, such as desert, fire, slungshot, demolish, chemical pollution, and etc. It has good pass ability, and it can travel in non-road areas or where common vehicles cannot travel, such as ditches, bluffs, slopes(32° ), swamps, rice land, bushes, gravel riversides. So the vehicle is necessary for the transportation work in construction work, dealing with emergency, disaster assistance, and urgent repair work under tough and dangerous conditions.

Multifunctional Emergency Vehicle MEV09
엔진 유형  Deutz F8L413 디젤 엔진
엔진 진지변환  12 L
냉각 장치  공냉식
정격 출력 175 Kw/2500 RPM
최고 속도  55 km/h
Static Water에 있는 움직이는 Speed 4개 km/h
전송 형태 5개 앞으로 Gears 및 1개은 Gear를 힘 지원했다
차원 & 그 외:  
정격 대원 및 전송자 2 + 15
전장 5, 840 mm
전반적인 폭 2, 850 mm
전반적인 고도  2, 050 mm
궤도 Width 또는 Track Adhesive Length 390 x 3, 360 mm
지붕 난간 고도 500 mm
여유 공간 450 mm
최대. Gradeability 32°
Crossing Ditch의 폭 1.8 m 
Crossing Vertical Wall의 고도 0.7 m 
최대. 이동 거리 500 km 
순중량 8, 000 kg
최대. 수용력 4, 000 kg

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