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 Mcs 2000I 6 Medical Cauterizer Kit, Diathermy Machine Surgical, Electrosugical Unit Device 37cm Vessel Ligator

Mcs 2000I 6 Medical Cauterizer Kit, Diathermy Machine Surgical, Electrosugical Unit Device 37cm Vessel Ligator

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Standard Packing for Export
Guangzhou China
3000 Per Month

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MCS-2000I-6 medical cauterizer kit,diathermy machine surgical,Electrosugical unit device 37cm vessel ligator

Electrosurgical Unit | Electric Surgical Unit
(Six working modes)
Model: MCS-2000I-6

Features of medical cauterizer kit:
1. Microcomputer control.
2. Both monopolar and bipolar. Monopolar can be controlled by hand or foot. Bipolar can be controlled by foot only.
3. Precise power control, can be used for all general surgical procedures.
4. Touch control panel, three-way power output, with different audible and visual indication during the process of outputting.

5. Automatic performance check during startup and Polar plate test.
6. Power Peak System provides surgeons with improved performance at Lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage.
7. Full floating output system protects patient from tissue damage caused by low frequency current.
8. Automatic compensation system ensures the stable output and minimizes power consumption. Suitable for underwater surgery, including fibrin-rich tissue cutting.

9. CVREM contact quality monitoring system which substantially reduces the risk of burns under the patient return electrode. When patient plate and skin are not well contacted, the system will automatically stop the output and sound alarm.
10. Pencil Remoting Output. Surgeon can change the power output by remoting control electrosurgical pencil.

Technical Specifications of diathermy machine surgical
Power: 220V±22V(110V±11V), 50Hz±1Hz 
Operating frequency: 360~460kHz
Power rating: 880VA±10%

Six working modes:

Monopolar Cut:
a) Cut (pure cut):
  1W~300W( Load 500Ω),  apply to the operation of any tissue.
b) Bloodless cut (Blend1):
  1W~250W(Load 500Ω), apply to the surgery of any tissue, proving a good coagulation effect while cutting.
c) Fulguration (Blend2):
  1W~150W(Load 500Ω), apply to endoscopic surgery, providing a good homeostasis effect while cutting.

Monopolar Coag:
d) Coagulation1(Forced coag):
  1W~150W( Load 500Ω), apply to ordinary open surgery, deep tissue coagulation layer, has excellent homeostasis effect.
e) Coagulation2(Soft Coag):
  1W~120W( Load 500Ω), suitable for endoscopic and other fine tissue surgery with fast contact coagulation.

Bipolar of Electrosugical unit device 37cm vessel l:
f) Bipolar coagulation:
  1W~50W(70W)( Load 100Ω), when tissue reach a good coagulation effect, output power slow down, making a good homeostasis effect.

Power Consumption: <=880VA(Cutting function 300W, Bipolar coagulation function 50W output).

Packing list:

Remoting control pencil1piece
Electrosurgical pencil5pieces
Electrosurgical pad10 pieces
Electrosurgical pad cable1piece
Foot switch1set
Tip clean sponge1piece
Bipolar forceps and its cable1set
Power cord1piece
Operating manual1book
  G.t 14kg
  Size: 59*49*34cm

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