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Beijing Fang Yuan Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a sputtering target manufacturer in Beijing of China. We produce lots of sputtering targets by vacuum induction melting, hot pressing and cold isostatic pressing. Also can supply back plate and bond serving. In past years we have established good business relationship with many coating factories, trading company and some famous laboratory in the world. Our important production include: Metal sputtering targets, alloy sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering targets. The purity of our sputtering targets is 2N to 7N. About the specification we could process according to your specific requirements.

Ceramic sputtering target: Al2O3 target, Sb2O3 target, ATO target, BaTiO3 target, Bi2O3 target, CEO2 target, CuO target, Cr2O3 target, Dy2O3 target, Er2O3 target, EU2O3 target, Gd2O3 target, Ga2O3 target, HfO2 target, Ho2O3 target, In2O3 target, ITO target, Fe2O target, Fe3O4 target, PbTiO3 target, PbZrO3 target, LiNbO3 target, Lu2O3 target, MGO target, MoO3 target, ND2O3 target, Pr6O11 target, Pr(TiO2)2 target, Pr2O3 target, Sm2O3 target, SiO2 target, SiO target, SrTiO3 target, SrZrO3 target, Ta2O5 target, Tb4O7 target, TeO2 target, TiO2 target, TiO target, Ti3O5 target, Ti2O3 target, SnO target, WO3 target, V2O5 target, Yb2O3 target, Y2O3 target, ZnO target, ZnO: Al target, ZrO2 target, Bi2Se3 target, CdSe target, In2Se3 target, AlN target, BN target, Si3N4 target, TiN target, B4C target, SiC target, TiC target, WC target, CdS target, ZnS target.

Metal sputtering target: Boron target, carbon target, target magnesium, aluminum target, silicon target, scandium target, titanium target, vanadium target, chromium target, manganese targets, cobalt target, nickel target, copper target, zinc target, gallium target, Ge target, selenium target, yttrium target, zirconium target, niobium target, molybdenum target, ruthenium target, rhodium target, palladium target, Silver target, cadmium target, indium target, tin target, antimony target, tellurium target, hafnium target, tantalum target, tungsten target, rhenium target, iridium target, platinum target, gold target, lead target, bismuth target, cerium target, Pr target, terbium target, holmium target, erbium target, thulium target, Lu Target.

Alloy sputtering target: Zinc aluminum target, aluminum copper target, aluminum silver target, cobalt iron boron target, copper nickel target, Fe-B target of iron and carbon targets, manganese target, iridium manganese target, indium tin target, nickel aluminum target, nickel chromium target, nickel iron target materials, nickel titanium target, silver copper target, silver tin target, titanium aluminum target, nickel-titanium target, titanium chromium target material, tungsten rhenium target, titanium tungsten target, , zirconium titanium target, zirconium and yttrium targets, copper indium gallium selenium target, target of copper indium, copper indium gallium target, target indium antimony, germanium tellurium targets, germanium antimony tellurium target

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주소: No. 28 Shangdi Road Haidian District, Beijing, China
사업 유형: 제조사/공장, 무역 회사
사업 범위: 야금광산물과 에너지
경영시스템 인증: ISO 9000
회사소개: 회사 설명.
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