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PoLi/Socl2 건전지 (일차 전지) tassium 소르빈산염

세관코드: 85065000
모델 번호: ER14250/ER14505/ER18505/ER26500/ER34615
등록상표: ETB or OEM

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: ER14250/ER14505/ER18505/ER26500/ER34615
  • Trademark: ETB or OEM
  • HS Code: 85065000
제품 설명

----Long shelf-life--10 years guarantee;
Low passivation;
High temperature type: 0~150
Competitive price.

CMOS memory chips for PC, office automation devices, remote data logging and data acquisition systems, medical instruments, water or gas gauges, security and alarm systems pulse-/event-counters, various industrial clocks, high temperature systems etc.

(1) high energy density up to 420WH/Kg(800WH/dm3).
(2) High operation voltage, 3.3V~3.6V upon loading resistance.
(3) Long storage life, less than 2% of self-discharging rate per year, could be stored for 10~15 year at room temperature.
(4) Non-magnetic stainless steel case, hermetically sealed. Be safe for transportation and general shock. No leakage problem.

Due to the characteristics of Li-SOCl2 batteries,
There are three basic type:
Energy type,
Power type,
High temperature type.

Energy type (Bobbin Structure):
(1)Wide operating temperature range, -55~+85.
(2)Smooth voltage level, 90% capacity could be outputted at high level.

Power type (Spiral Structure):
(1) high power rate
(2) have large continuous or pulse current and large power output for over five years
(3) lower resistance, smooth voltage level.

High temperature type:
(1) Could be operated at smooth voltage level at -20~+150 for most models.
(2) Could be stored over 10 year at 0

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