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Baking Mesh Mat

MOQ: 10,000 상품
지불: LC
원산지: China
등록상표: youngsun

제품 설명

  • Trademark: youngsun
  • Origin: China
제품 설명

1. Used for food pyrogenation
1). Use the scissors to cut the grill to the requested size and shape;
2). Put on the boiler, tray or other container;
3). Put the food on the grill;
4). After the food baking deeply, waiting it refrigeration and getting it out, washing it with water;
5). The grill could be used time and again.

2. Used as cushion of oven
Electronic oven---put on the button or nethermost grill of the electronic oven;
Steam oven---put on the nethermost grill but not the button of the oven;
Used as pre-process for its characteristic of resisting viscidity, and it could be used as table-board of making paste.

Main specification:
1. 9008-I, 0.08mm brown or black grill;
2. 9013-I, 0.13mm brown or black grill;
3. 9008BS-I, 0.08mm, advanced black-grey grill;
4. 9013BS-I, 0.13mm, advanced black-grey grill;
5. Mesh grill, such as 1*1mm mesh size, 2*2mm, 4*4mm, 10*10, etc.

Taixing Youngsun Fl-Plastics Co., Ltd.
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