Dongguan Yilugao Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

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FOB 가격 참조:
US $ 3000 / 상품
MOQ: 1 상품
지불: LC, T / T
수율: 1000sets/Year
꾸러미: Export Wooden Packaging

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: YLG-64
  • 유형 : 차가운 물 고압 청소기
  • 작업 유형 : 움직일 수있는
  • 드라이브 : 모터
  • 노즐 타입 : 라운드 워터 칼럼 노즐
  • 신청 : 산업의
  • 조건 : 새로운
  • 인증 : CE
  • 사용자 지정 : 사용자 지정
  • Trademark: YLG
  • Packing: Export Wooden Packaging
  • Standard: CE
  • Origin: China, Guangzhou
  • HS Code: 8422200000
  • Production Capacity: 1000sets/Year
제품 설명

Salient Features of Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

The unit is made compact & versatile as per GMP norms.

The structure is made of SS 304.

Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.

The contact parts such as washing nozzle, washing pump impeller, tanks, cup/bottle holder plate are made of Stainless Steel 304.

Easy to clean the base of the machine by removing the top cover.

The tanks capacity is 75 litres each.

Specially designed SS 304 Impeller based AC motor for pumps.

Pumps and tanks are mounted on portable stand for easy maintenance and cleaning purpose.

Higher capacity of centrifugal pumps to wash bigger bottles (500ml & 1000 ml).

Stationary nozzles to eliminate contamination of water cycles.

Specially designed Geneva Mechanism.

Four inner wash (Included one air wash , two inner wash with recycled tray) & one outer wash

Easy loading/unloading & operation.

Individual solenoid valve use for each wash - which eliminates carbon plate and other accessories. This is to avoid leakages and minimize the maintenance ratio.

Individual flow regulating valves to control the flow of water.

Bottle guide system especially for lightweight bottle.

Separate panel control to avoid any short circuit due to spraying of water.

SS glycerin fill pressure meter.

Technical Specification


HMPL-RBW-64 / 96

Bottle Size(Ø)

15mm Ø to 70mm Ø

Height: 50 mm to 270mm

Neck Ø: 21 mm to 25mm

Output Speed

2800 to 8000 bottles / hour

Working Hight

850 ± 50 mm Adjustable

Power Consuption

5.0KW (Main Motor: 0.5HP, Pump: 1HPX2 & Heater: 3KW)

Power Supply

3 Phase / 440V AC/ 50Hz

Air Consumption


Air Supply

4 to 6 kg/cm2

Net Weight Approx.

450 Kg

Dimensions Approx.

1600mm (L)x 1300mm (W)x 1300 mm(H)



Number of Cup Holder

64 / 96

Wash Cycle

4 Inner + 1 Oute

Tank Capacity

75 Litres (2 nos)


First Wash

300 Liters/Hour

Second Wash

No consumption as such, water loss during recirculation shall be compensated

Third Wash

300 Liters/Hour

Fourth Wash

No consumption as such, water loss during re-circulation shall be compensated OR Air Wash

Outside Wash

300 Liters/Hour

Brief on machine:
The Rotary Bottle Washing System consists of main structure, rotary platform, bottle holder/cups, flow regulators, pressure meter, solenoid valve, Geneva mechanism, 2 nos. of SS tanks with pump, nozzle, electrical panel & AC motor.