Hunan, China
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ISO 9001

200m 크롤러 유형 Geotechnical 드릴링 리그 (YZJ-200Y), 트레일러에 의하여 거치되는 Geotechnical 기술설계 기계, 우물 드릴링 리그 (300m-600m), 우물의를 위한 회전하는 드릴링 리그, Geotechnical 수사, 다이아몬드 코어 훈련 (HGY-200) 고품질 드릴링 rigs, 코어 비트, 우물 드릴링 리그 중국 제조업체 / 공급 업체.

Gold Member 이후 2013
Audited Supplier
 휴대용 트레일러에 의하여 거치되는 시추공 드릴링 리그 (XY-200)

휴대용 트레일러에 의하여 거치되는 시추공 드릴링 리그 (XY-200)

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MOQ: 1 세트
지불: LC, T / T
수율: 30 Sets/Month
꾸러미: in New Strong Wooden Case

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기본 정보

모델 번호.
XY-200 Portable Borehole Drilling Rig


in New Strong Wooden Case
ISO9001: 2008
Changsha, Hunan, China
30 Sets/Month

제품 설명

XY-200 Portable Trailer Mounted Borehole Drilling Rig:

Drilling depth(m): 200;
LxWxH(mm): 1860x800x1400;
Spindle stroke(mm): 500;
Diesel engine: Zs1110(14.7 KW);
Electromotor: Y160L-4(15KW);

Product Features:

Good stability and high reliability.
Multilevel positive and reverse rotate speed.
The complete hydraulic chuck and vertical spindle.
Convenient to transport with the small volume and light weight.
Perfect frame's rigidity, low center of gravity and good stability.

Product Application:

It is widely used in the construction of the projects e. G. Prospecting, railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction, geological exploration, large diameter boring pile and small diameter diamond core deep hole drilling, etc.

The Technological Data of XY-200 Drilling Rig:

TypeXY-200 Drilling Rig
Drilling depth(m)200
Drilling rod diameter(mm)Φ50
Head angle range360°
Cylinder stroke(mm)360
Spindle speed(r/min)Positive rotation rate: 60\150\240\340\550\830
Reverse rotation rate: 35\85\135\195\330\480
Spindle hole diameter(mm)Φ65
Spindle output torque(N.M)2140
Spindle stroke(mm)500
Spindle driving force max.(KN)37
Spindle lifting power max.(KN)50
Lifting speed (m/s)0.6\2.3\3.4
Single rope lifting power(KN)20
Steel wire rope diameter(mm)Φ11
Mode of chuckFull hydraulic chuck or ball-type chuck
Weight(power unit excepted)(kg)750
Diesel engineZs1110(14.7KW)

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