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Nano Silver Antimicrobial Polyester Master Batch-PET

MOQ: 1 꾸러미
지불: LC
모델 번호: JDXKM-PET

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기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: JDXKM-PET
  • 색 : 화이트
제품 설명

[Product Instruction]
Nano Silver Antibacterial Polyester Master batch JDXKM-PET is a functional master batches which used AG-type antibacterial powder as active antibacterial ingredients, then chose high quality PBT raw materials for the carrier, combined with advanced dispersion technology and manufacturing process. It is the special antibacterial master batches for antibacterial polyester fibers(PET) production and suitable for the production of antibacterial polyester staple fiber, polyester filament yarns, polyester non-woven cloth etc. It has excellent particle size distribution and good dispersion properties, less effect on spinning performance and dyeing properties of polyester fiber.

[Product Characteristics]
Broad-spectrum antibacterial: Long-acting bactericidal&bacteriostatic effect for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Good spinning performance: Less broken wires and floating silk in the process of spinning, high yield.
Good thermal stability, high temperature resistant, not easy to change color.
PET resin has good compatibility and dispersion, do not need to change the original spinning process.
Safe and non-toxic, no pollution to the environment, no irritation to the skin, no distortion. Reached EU RoHS test requirements. Can be used in products that direct contact with food.

[Technical Index]
Project Unit Index
Melting point º C 256.0
Moisture % ≤ 0.20
Intrinsic viscosity dl/g 0.432± 0.03
DF Mpa@cm2/g ≤ 0.45
Unusual situation or condition % ≤ 0.35
Hundreds of grain weight g 2.8 ± 0.05
Silver content mg/kg 3960

[How to use]
Proportion: Suggest adding DXKM-PET by 5.0-6.0% of fiber weight. Adjust according to actual demand.
Drying master batch in blower or vacuum oven under 80º C for 2-4 hours. After mix with PET slices uniformly can produce polyester yarn according to the original production process. Adjust according to actual demand.
Avoid strong light and high temperatures; Room temperature storage; Avoid water.

[Packing Specifications]
Aluminum foil package: 25 kg / bag.
Storage in cool place.

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