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쌓아올리는 기계를 가진 자동적인 BOPS/Pet/PVC/HIPS/PLA 플라스틱 Thermoforming ..., 쌓아올리는 기계를 가진 자동적인 플라스틱 형성 기계, 2019 자동 귀환 제어 장치 몬 플래튼 자동적인 Thermoforming 기계 (HY-51/62) 고품질 기계를 thermoforming, 진공 성형 기계, 기계를 라미네이팅 중국 제조업체 / 공급 업체.

Diamond Member 이후 2007
Audited Supplier
 PLC는 포장하는 플라스틱 상자를 통제해 기계를 만든

PLC는 포장하는 플라스틱 상자를 통제해 기계를 만든

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1 세트 US $30000.0 - 39000.0  / 세트
지불: LC, T / T
수율: 20 Sets/Year
꾸러미: Film Packaging

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Film Packaging
Zhejiang Ruian
20 Sets/Year

제품 설명

I. Introduction with the machine
HY-510580 plastic forming machine is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components, and the whole system was controlled by a micro PLC, which can be operated in man-interface.
It combines the material sending, heating, forming and cutting info one process. It has three operation models. " manual", " semi-automatic" and "automatic, so it is a new generation ideal package equipment telecommuting and memory reserve functions.

II. Application area:
It is suitable to form BOPS, HIPS, PS, PVC and PET plastic sheets etc., which can produce various of boxes, dishes, trays, bowls and lids, such as food boxes, cake boxes, fast-food boxes, supermarket trays, oral liquids trays etc.

III. The plastic forming machine main introduction:
1. Control system:
Whole machine adopts PLC to control the production technical process, tail remember of modern computer.

2. Automatic feeding sheet:
Large alone diameter cylinder type automatic material feeding frame. It can put one rolls material into the feeding frame in advance, about feeding there has two traction roll to translate the sheet that assurance of high speed operation and stability and correctness Greatly saves manpower and Ensure the smooth feed material at a high speed.

3. Heating part:
Heater adopts high quality heating plate to heating. The heat plate heating evenly and close to the sheet, it can keep the plastic sheet to heating enough and can be better for forming.

4. Mold forming and cuuting:
The forming machine is adopt positive pressure forming, it can combine the forming and cutting into one process.

5. The product cooling:
The machine is equipped with wind cool, water cool chasis and high speed cold water spraying device to speed up molding in order to assure the quality of moldings. Cooling delay, cooling time, Water spray delay, spray time, adjust the length of the time according to different products.

6. Stacking robot: .
Manipulator is belong to the related selected device according the client purchase demand.
The stacker can help make products to neatly stacked and save a lot of the manual work.

IV. About Ruian Hongyin Machinery Co., Ltd Service.
1. Purchase Service
Ruian hongyin company have a specialize and efficiency working team. If you are new on the printing and packing area, Some samples of your products could be shew to us will be appreicate, we will give you specialized suggestion of whole work.

2. Installation Service:
Hongyin company will assigned 1 technician to coordinate installation, commissioning and training, cost for return flight and suitable accommodation will be charged, and the allowance is USD 80-100 per day.

3. Warranty Service:
12 months limited warranty.
Starting from the date of machine arrival buyer's place excluding wear parts.
Shipping cost for easy broken parts to be replaced during warranty period have to be borne by the customer.

If you are interested in our machine, please feel free and contact me.
Contacter: Michael Rao
Fax: 0577 6555 3321
Website: www.china-hongyin.com
1\Forming area:510×580mm2\Forming depth:100mm
3\Sheet thickness range:0.15-1.0mm4\Sheet roller diameter:710mm
5\Cutting length:6350mm6\Ari pressure:0.7Mpa
7\Water consumption: 10 Liters/min(15-20ºC)8\Air consumption:2200 Liters/min
9\Speed:600-1200 Liters/hr10\Power:3-N AC380V±15V  50/60HZ
11\Preheater power:2kw12\Mould plate heating power:4.8kw
13\Heating plate power:15kw14\Sheet width:650mm

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