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Magic Ring Engraving Machine

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제품 설명

제품 설명

Magic Engraving Machine is design for Jewelry and Omamental Aricles to show their individuality and special memorial. It can provide substantial price, first-class effecl, advanced engraving method to meet customers demand.
2Magic Engraving Machine installed large capacity read-only memory, can storage more 500 different designs, additional the function of increase and delete designs ti fit different demand. Customers can user-defined their design pictures team inprderto find their ideal pictures quickly.

Magic Engraving Machine has beautiful looked shape, with 5.7 inch super LCD touch screen that makes the information of the machine very clear and easy to operation, become to the top of this field. Cooperate with the function of independently working, it can engrave freely without the connection of computer.
The software agic MClick which collected all the excellences of this field is designed for jewelry especially. It can support all kinds of English and Chinese style, also can input letters, characters and CORELDRAW pictures directly.

5Magic Engraving Machine adopted diamond cutting tool and high power motor. It can cut not only gold, silver, PT, copper, K gold, but also steel very well. Engraving individuation pictures on your ring, passing special memorial, maintenance the most cherishable memory last forever
1/Computerization ring inside
2/Freely creare design spance
3/Engraving company`s LOGO, characters and all the letters and marks that can display on computer
4/Engraving ring area: Internal diameter 13-24mm.

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