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Small Wind Turbine Generator 30kw for Sale

MOQ: 1세트
지불: LC, T / T, D / P, PayPal, 소액 결제, Western Union, negotiable
수율: 3000 Sets/Month
꾸러미: Free-Fumigation Plywood and Nylon

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: H10.0-30KW
  • 블레이드의 수 : 세 블레이드
  • 회전축 : 수평
  • 블레이드의 스트레스 웨이 : 저항
  • Trademark: Hummer
  • Packing: Free-Fumigation Plywood and Nylon
  • Standard: CE, UL, ISO
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 85023100
  • Production Capacity: 3000 Sets/Month
제품 설명

Product features of 30kW wind turbine:

1. SCF Supercritical generator
Hummer' 30kW wind turbine generator adopts SCF supercritical technology which won A Gold award in the 37th Salon Eureka in Brussels. This technology significantly reduces generator's weight AND size down to 25% to 30% of the traditional one, AND the production efficiency is 25% to 30% higher. This ensures that the generator functions perfectly in small wind condition.

2. NSK bearings
Hummer's 30kW wind turbine generator adopts two NSK bearings and with the perfect internal geometric structure, known for its life-time endurance AND reliable quality. Ordinary bearings need to be changed every two ors three years and while SKF bearings can greatly reduce the maintenance costs on this matter.

3. PLC control
Hummer 30kW wind turbine generator's controlling system adopts the smart touch-screen PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which is integrated with Siemens controlling unit. The PLC will alarm AND adjust the abnormal running status of the wind turbine automatically both timely AND efficiently. Siemens module offers high reliability to our PLC AND its customers worldwide can testify for that.

4. Low noise
The design of the rotor blade of Hummer 30kW wind turbine generator absorbs the highlights of the small aircraft's airfoil and which is compliance with the aerodynamic standards. IT provides A more esthetic look AND A higher efficiency AND reduces the noise production As much As possible.

5. High reliability
Hummer 30kW wind turbine generator adopts the triple braking protection system and which are the yawing mechanism and the electromagnetic braking system AND the hydraulic braking system to regulate the rotation of the wind turbine. IT is easy AND convenient to shut down the whole system both manually AND automatically.

Application field of 30kW wind turbine:
1. Housing AND factory AND farm
2. Telecommunication Station
3. TV Transfer Station
4. Monitoring Station (military, hydrology and observatory)
5. Water-pumping Station
6. Shipping

Model No.



3 Blades, Horizontal axis and Upwind

Rotor Diameter


Direction of Rotation

Clockwise looking upwind

Blade Material

Fiberglass reinforced composite

Rated Power

30 kilowatts @ 11m/s

Battery Bank Voltage


System Output Voltage

380 Vac three phase

Cut-in Wind Speed


Rated rotating rate

160 r/min

Working Wind Speed

3-25 m/s

Survival Wind Speed

50 m/s


Permanent magnet alternator and SCF technology

Alternator Weight


Generator Efficiency


Energy monitoring & User control

Siemens PLC controller with touch screen


None, Direct drive with front generator design

Over Speed Regulation

Auto Yawing & Hydraulic Braking

Shutting Down Method

Manual & Automatic electromagnetism Braking

Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., Ltd.
Anhui , China
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