Shanghai Beilin Fashion

블라우스, t 셔츠, 재킷 중국 제조업체 / 공급 업체.

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제품 설명

제품 설명

1) 600 styles every year available
2) Annual output: 2,000,000pcs
3) Refined workmanship and trendy styles
4) 80% of the products are exported to Japan and the rest to Europe
5) We are able to develop five sorts of new materials every year
We are experienced manufacturer trading in first-class ladies garments while possessing of competitive prices, quality items, and good workmanship. The apparels are made from three major materials: silks, cottons, and wools. For silks, they are many kinds: 100%silks, and also mixtures of silk and other materials. Such as 65% silk and 35% rayon, 65% silk and 35% terylene, 55% silk and 45% cotton, 85% silks and 15% cashmere, etc. The cottons are silketee cotton, Egypt cotton, lycra cotton, etc. Relating to wools, these wools can be washed by washing machinery, wools and acrylic, wools and silks, wools and tencel, etc.
We are producing T-shirts, blouses, skirts, jackets, sportswear, etc. for ladies and juniors. It is also available for us to design 600 styles within a year. We are also able to make samples according to the demands of customers. 80% of the products are exported to Japan, and the rest to European countries and regions. The products revenue is more than USD500 million annually.
We are looking for the company that can work with us in the near future. Welcome to visit our factories and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Shanghai Beilin Fashion
Shanghai , China
년에 회원 가입 후 : 2005
* 사업 유형 : 결합 제조 업체/공장

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