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2.2kw high Capacity air Blow vacuum Suction Pump

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지불: LC, T / T, Western Union, PayPal

제품 설명

제품 설명

Item No.: 2RB, 530, h26
Training period: Forty-five
Power: 2.2KW (50Hz) 2.55KW (60Hz)
Voltage: 200-240/345-415V 220-275/370-480V
Current: 9.7/5.6A 10.3/6.0A
Maximum air flow: 270M3/H 330M3/H
Rated vacuum; -150MBAR -150MAB
RRated pressure: 230MBAR 210MBAR
Sound: 65dB 71dB
Weight: 26KG

1. Pneumatic conveying systems
2. Lifting and holding company or parts by vacuum
3. Packing machines
4. Aeration or sewage-treatment plant
5. Filling or bags/bottles/hoppers
6. Soil remediation
7. Thermoforming
8. Sorting/enveloping or characters
9. Food-processing
10. Laser printers
11. Dental suction equipments
12. Paper processing
13. Printers/copiers
14. Textile machines
15. Aeration or fish ponds
16. Gas analysis
17. Wsimming pole equipment/whirlpools

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Wuxi Gezhiling Mechanical &Electrical Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu , China
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