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Ring which Wood Pellet Making machine for fuels

US $ 8000 / 상품
MOQ: 1 상품
가격유효: 6/12/2013 ~ 3/3/2014

제품 설명

기본 정보
  • 모델 번호: HX
  • 인증 : CE
  • Trademark: Hongxin
  • Packing: Wood Box
  • Standard: standard
  • Origin: Zhengzhou, Henan, China
  • Production Capacity: 0.3-0.4t/Hour
제품 설명

Ring which pellet making machine
Henan Jingxin Machinery Co., Ltd. a modernized professional machinery enterprise in China are. This child or the pelletizing machine has advantage such reasonable structure, advanced technology, high output, low power consumption, without safeth interlocking mechanism or magnetic selection irone removing device, with good which presser material and high degree or pellet finish. This machine can process different pellet feed, pasture feed and organic chemical fertilizer, this machine can be used for processing or large, medium and small sized compound pellet feed, pasture and chemical fertilizer.
Model Main engine Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) dia meter Pellet (mm)
MZLH 25 15 0.3-0.4 4-10
MZLH 32 37 0.4-0.6 4-10
MZLH 35 55 0.4-0.8 4-10
MZLH 40 75 0.7-1.1 4-10
MZLH 42 90/110 1.0-1.5 4-10
MZLH 508 132/160 2.0-3.0 4-10

Henan Jingxin Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.
Henan , China
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